Aquano 5K Coolant Heater


The HLN Aquano 5K coolant heater provides an economical solution for preheating the engine fuel and coolant system in addition to heating the cabin without idling the vehicle. The heater integrates seamlessly into the engine cooling system warming up the coolant water to provide excess heat to the cold engine. In addition the heat from the coolant can distribute via the vehicles’ existing vent system to defrost the windows and warm the cabin. The well-rounded design makes it ideal for trucks construction vehicles mini vans and boats.



• Affordable solution for preheating the engines
• Reduces engine wear from cold start
• Independently heats the coolant system to provide heating for the cabin
• Defrost windshield via the existing venting system
• Eliminates unnecessary engine idling
• Lowers burdens on diesel engine after treatment systems
• Easy to install and maintain

Heating capacity, part load/full load (kW):2.8/5.2
Fuel consumption, part load/full load (l/h): 0.32/0.64
Working voltage (V): 12/24
Power consumption, part load/full load (W): 22.8/50.4
Weight (kg): 3.2
Outline dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 234x108x195
Operating ambient temperature (℃): -45 to +55
Storage temperature (℃): -55 to +70
Scope of application: Preheat engine coolant for cold start of diesel engines;
Can apply to heavy duty trucks, RVs, vans, buses, construction vehicles and other diesel vehicles.