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Your unique and exclusive camper van

We design and construct a mini studio inside your van, taking advantage of each and every space down to the last millimetre, we make sure that each camper van is exclusive, with guaranteed high quality using innovative design and technology


Our philosophy is based on a personalised service

We understand that in the camper world, the best advertisement is the client itself, who goes having had a positive experience and is able to recommend us.

It is for this and many other reasons, why we camperize the vans as if it were for ourselves, looking down to the last detail, taking advantage of the maximum space possible, minimising future problems, anticipating and solving in advance that installation that usually, with time and use, has its wear and tear.

We are backed by more than 16 years experience of comprehensive housing renovations, commercial premises, recording studios, schools and lengthy etc.

That being said, we know the best materials on the market in wood, electricity, home automation, plumbing, insulation, sound systems, 3D design, regulations and approvals.

This means that our customers can trust us and the work we carry out.



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We offer a series of services which may be of interest


The auxiliary battery, also called secondary battery or service battery, is used to provide power to the consumables of our camper van. The most common consumables are lights, mobile chargers, computers, refrigerator, water pump, hot water heater, 220v converter among others. With our experience we try that each client always has enough power for all these accessories, with an adequate battery installation.


The possibilities of models and prices is very wide in terms of heating for our vans. We can choose a model that serves us only to heat the van or that also serves to heat the water with a Dual system. Another factor to take into account before buying our heating will be its consumption and power. For its correct operation, we must ensure that it is efficient with the power of the installation according to the size of our van.


Few things give more satisfaction than making good furniture, durable, reliable, practical and if we add to that how beautiful they are.
We use the best 7-layer phenolic plywood covered with a melanin of colors to choose from, also in virgin wood to be able to varnish or paint to suit the client.
We use the best fastening systems for the correct grip of both the furniture itself, and the furniture to the bodywork, screwing and gluing the woods together to avoid future noises, we are constantly innovating in grip systems, hinges, mechanisms, rails, etc. . Since the Camper world is constantly being renewed, we try to keep up with the new products that come onto the market.


One of the most important parts when camperizing the van and to take into account before starting with the furniture is the insulation and the paneling. We work with Kaiflex insulation of different sizes: depending on the type of vehicle and the type of trips we are going to make, we can choose: Kaiflex thickness of 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm. We also use other options such as expanded polyurethane or fiber panels. <br>
We install thermal barriers to prevent condensation inside the van. We fill with expanded polyurethane every millimeter of all the beams / ribs, and each space where the conventional insulation does not enter, in order to form a totally thermally and acoustically insulated cabin.


We work with certified specialists in gas installations who review our work, guaranteeing us by contract, a gas bulletin that legalizes the installation. We know the regulations, and when carrying out any installation, we adapt to it so that once we finish the work, we pass the homologation directly and the delivery is made as soon as possible.


We will take care of correctly installing a photovoltaic panel system in your van, with our experience we try to make the most of these, according to the requirement of each client, time zone and type of climate.


Preventive and corrective maintenance, we not only perform maintenance by mileage but also prepare the vehicle for the type of climate where you plan to make your trip, since engine wear and fluid performance vary depending on the climate where you plan to roll, in Bonsai Van We review and correct different points so that your trip is safe and your engine suffers the least possible wear. If you are about to take a trip, if you have to pass the ITV, or simply if you want to have your vehicle in the best possible condition, do not hesitate to visit us.


We install all kinds of accessories for vans. We work with all brands related to this sector. We install: supports, awnings, extractors, bike racks, roof racks, steel hooks, auxiliary arms, load plates, awnings, luggage racks. Windows: Skylights, ventilation, insulation, curtains.


We use multilayer pipe systems in water installations, also called PAP, they are used to supply both cold and hot water. Its use is common in heating systems, since they can withstand several bars of pressure and do not deform over the years, all connections are threaded to achieve greater security when it comes to avoiding water losses.


In our facilities, all the work that is carried out, before it is delivered to the client, goes through a rigorous inspection, then it is taken to a specific study / laboratory to obtain a certificate signed by engineering and thus obtain approval. In this way, once the customer picks up the van, they can use it with peace of mind and can pass the ITV without problems.


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  • Heating: from €780
    Motor services fluid and filter change: from €150
    Solar panel 100W rigid with supports and regulator: from €590
    Secondary battery kit AGM 120ah (includes voltmeter, fuse box, 12V socket valid for Euro6): from €780

Schedule of attention:

Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm

Schedule of attention:

Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm